• sinclair_brookSinclair Brook are proud of their connection with Entrust Foundation. Sinclair Brook is a specialist real estate development group with a passion for true partnership in all their business dealings. It is this appreciation of true partnering that links Sinclair Brook to Entrust. Sinclair Brook place a high value on leadership and management and appreciate the way Entrust seeks to manage projects well and work with local partners to develop their capacity.
  • domain_hillDomain Hill property group appreciate the focus Entrust has on economically empowering local communities, seeing a strong link between their own entrepreneurial skill and Entrust’s desire to allow potential entrepreneurs in developing countries to escape the chains of poverty. Domain Hill are professional property developers and advisers who think outside the box, a trait they have recognised and appreciate in Entrust. With a strong reputation in Australia, they value Entrust’s reputation for wise investment and are proud to support them.
  • norton2c2linesLOGOsigns copyNorton Consultants are proud supporters of Entrust Foundation. Norton Consultants is an internationally-recognised electrical engineering consulting business undergirded by principles of harmony, honesty, excellence and integrity, traits they see in Entrust Foundation. The company has a strong sense of social responsibility and their partnership with Entrust enables them to fulfil their passion to make the world a better place.
  • liberty_builderLiberty Builders are quality craftsmen who have a passion for understanding a client’s vision and using their skills to bring it to reality. Helping fulfil their client’s vision for a better life is what led Liberty Builders to connect with Entrust Foundation. Through their partnership, which began in 2014, Liberty Builders are able to effectively and easily realise their passion to make a difference in the world. Entrust Foundation is pleased to partner with Liberty Builders – as they strive for quality, integrity, and in common with Entrust, excellence in all they do.
  • REDgum_logo_only copyREDgum Communications has had first-hand experience of the work Entrust does, having travelled with Richard on one of his trips. REDgum Communications helps people to experience dramatic improvement in their abilities to express, influence and inspire. They are proud of their connection with Entrust who also work to dramatically improve people, this time in their ability to live full and dignified lives, something REDgum passionately believes in.
  • BMD LogoBMD Commercial Coatings has partnered with Entrust since 2013. BMD’s ethical approach to work and desire to give back to those less fortunate make this a strong partnership, with BMD having a unique approach to fundraising which allows clients to also participate. BMD Commercial Coatings have a passion for excellence and innovation, and find these qualities in Entrust.
  • win-energy-logo-10yearsWINenergy specialise in the establishment and operation of embedded networks for electricity and the energy on-selling process across Victoria, NSW, Queensland and South Australia.  They are passionate about supporting pressing social challenges throughout some of the poorest nations. Together with Entrust, WINenergy is supporting comprehensive, long-term programs focussed on sustainability and social entrepreneurship that transform the lives of those within the affected communities.
  • commonfolkthecup-logoCommonfolk Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roastery, cafe and retailer based on the Mornington Peninsula.  They are committed to sourcing and roasting the world’s finest coffees.  In 2014 they established Zukuka Coffee – a collective of small-scale coffee farms in Mbale, in the Eastern Ugandan highlands.  These farms will allow local subsistence farmers the chance to improve their farming, harvesting and processing skills – and get paid fairly to do so.  Twenty cents from every coffee sold is donated to ‘The Cup That Counts’.  Funds are managed in partnership with Entrust Foundation, ensuring 100% gets to Uganda!
  • 150918Grandmasjars_Logo_smallGenerosity is a core value of Grandma’s Jars. We believe ‘People Matter’ and that true success in life is not about how much we can get but rather how much we can give. Our relationship with Entrust has enabled us to ‘live out’ our core values and build Grandma’s Jars on a foundation of generosity. At Grandma’s Jars Budgeting we are passionate about helping people live to a budget, build savings, get out of debt and build a strong financial foundation. Our hope is that in giving people the tools and support they need to master their own finances, they will one day be in a position to help others.