CARASA Foundation Project – Kolkata, India

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$4,790 $10,000
Project Code: WYG-IND-CAR-2019


The CARASA Foundation exists to free children and women from slavery and to provide medication, hospital care and education. They are currently raising funds for Freeset, an on the ground organisation in Kolkata, India, that hires women, providing them with a safe job with a living wage.

What we like about it:

CARASA works to identify and prevent the root causes of child slavery, while at the same time working hard to free those stuck in this insidious trade. Through Freeset women find dignity, financial stability and most importantly, a future shaped by their own hands. They train women for a new job, teaching them the skills needed to make their journey to freedom.

Budget: $10,000

Tax Deductible: Yes Р100% of your donation gets there!

The Need:

Slavery is illegal all over the world yet in many countries laws against it are inadequately enforced.

In this part of India, thousands of women and children are forced into the sex trade by trafficking and poverty. It is estimated children are sold into slavery for as little as $20 – a debt that can take generations to repay, leaving families trapped in the cycle of slavery. CARASA helps fair trade businesses that provide living wages and support to impoverished women and children. This both helps free those trapped in the sex trade and prevents the need for others to enter it.

Life Change:

  • A job that pays a living wage; helping women leave the sex trade or prevent them entering it.
  • Training in practical skills that offer them an alternative economic future outside of the sex trade.¬†With safer and more prosperous jobs, this helps to end the cycle of slavery.
  • Freeset offers women and their families a safe and supportive community to live in and thrive.

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