Education for a Future – Uttarakhand – Year 2

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$21,000 $21,000
Project Code: IND-SPA-EDU-P02


This is a three year project to partially fund the running of an English medium school in the mountainous region of Terhi Garwhal, northern India. The school has approximately 100 children attending classes from preschool through to grade five. Four classrooms will be built over the next two years, the number of students will increase and they will be able to study to the 8th grade.


This school services ten villages in a remote location. The quality of education is much higher than that available elsewhere – one of the grade five students from this school recently completed a maths  exam that a Year 8 government school student could not complete. The children are also provided with character development lessons – the aim is to produce outstanding citizens who are also educated. The school also focuses on working with parents and grand-parents to make sure they understand the value of education. Finally, the children are provided with health education which they can carry back to their families.


Year 2 of a 3-year project. Funds will assist the first phase of constructing extra classrooms, support teachers’ salaries and stationery for the children.


Education in India is in crisis. Particularly in remote areas, government teachers simply do not turn up to

class, and students are passed through grades without being able to read or write. Children in remote

communities are not getting an education which traps them in inter generational poverty. Health is also poor, often due to lack of knowledge.


  • Children receive a quality education, providing a pathway out of poverty
  • Character is developed and communities are given hope for a better future
  • Health outcomes are improved as children implement and share the lessons they have learnt

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