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Project Code: IND-CHR-SPA-D01


This project aims to teach 100 children from ten villages in the remote north of India, in the Himalayan mountains, two hours out of Mussoorie. It is difficult to get government teachers to this location due to the poverty of the communities and the lack of infrastructure. The education will be provided in English, to the end of primary school. A solid grasp of English and a good quality education will enable students to enter the workforce with employable skills, thus helping them to break the poverty cycle.


This project is located in an extremely remote area, without even proper road access. Poverty is rife and life is tough. Education in this location will assist the poorest of the poor to better their own lives. The local communities value the school, and contribute as they are able. They have formed a school management committee and are actively involved. This project has been running for a number of years already, and the quality of education has been noted by the high schools the students move to after graduating.


This is a remote location and the needs are many. Poverty prevents families from sending their children away for primary school, which then locks them into a life of poverty. Through education the children are exposed to the wider world and new ideas and can then take this information home to their parents.


This will cover the cost of school supplies, food and medical bills for the students for a year as well as the salaries of two teachers.


  • A chance to break the poverty cycle through education leading to better employment and overall a better life
  • A sense of self worth for ten communities, through someone being willing to set up a school in such a remote and difficult location
  • Over time, an increase in the quality of the workforce in this location, leading to greater productivity and potential for new businesses (even having literate workers is a big step forward!)

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