3 Tips for Giving Well

It seems everyone is telling us to “Make the most of Tax Time!”

Here are three things to consider before making your end of June giving choices:

1.Why do you give?

– What is on your heart?
– Who is it you wish to help?
– Please remember the poor as part of your plan! 


2.Who can you trust with your hard-earned dollars?

– Don’t allow the loudest voice to unduly influence you.
– Who keeps you updated on the direct impact of your giving?
– How much of your gift reaches the point of need?


3.What impact will your donation have?

– We all want our gifts to positively change lives – there is so much need.
– Is your money ploughing into local issues or imposing western ideals?
– Maximise your impact; check the percentage going on administration.


Measuring impact can be challenging because life-change and community development does not happen overnight and cannot be measured with a few statistics. Think of your donation like sowing seeds. With the right care, nurture and support, we can yield a bountiful harvest. Entrust has been consistently sowing seeds for over 15 years, alongside our trusted partners.