As part of our ‘wise philanthropy philosophy’, Entrust have a number of funding criteria on which we assess projects.

We welcome applications and refer you to the criteria below:


    big impact

    We seek to partner with organisations working where no-one else will work, where we can make a large difference in the lives of the most needy.


    accountable partners

    We expect all our partners to have structures in place which will allow them to account for the funds and results.  These structures do not necessarily need to be formal, as we also seek to mentor local organisations.  Formal or informal, we are looking for organisations which can demonstrate their accountability to us and the donors.


    local initiative

    We are not seeking to drive development, but rather partner with locally-led organisations who are committed to improving their own communities.  We work with organisations who ‘do’ development WITH their community, not TO a community.


    Wise Investment

    We invest in projects which contribute towards a sustainable, long term result which will improve the lives of the local community long after our funding ceases.


    measurable results

    While we are not expecting the “Rolls Royce” of a monitoring and evaluation system, we will only invest in projects where results can be measured and evaluated.  We want to be able to demonstrate the value of an investment to donors.


We exist to bring about transformation for the poor and marginalised, in some of the neediest nations on earth.

Each of us here at Entrust brings our skills and experience to bear to this end.  We encourage you to read on to learn more about what motivates each of us as Board members, Staff and Volunteer Ambassadors.




    Wells, filters and hygiene training will stop children dying, increase productivity and strengthen vulnerable communities. It is a basic right that every person should have easy access to clean, safe water.


    No human should be treated as a commodity to be bought and sold.  At Entrust we are working to prevent trafficking and to restore dignity and livelihoods to those rescued from trafficking.


    58 million children cannot get to primary school. 781 million adults are illiterate and oppressed and manipulated as a result. Education empowers people, builds dignity and enables them to become self-sufficient.



    Nearly half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day. When we empower the poor with a small business loan, or some training in agriculture or practical vocational skills, we give them the freedom to choose their own destiny. We actually restore their dignity.


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    Entrust works in economically AND environmentally fragile countries.  When disaster hits, we seek to immediately assist our partners in providing the basics of life to their communities, while waiting for international assistance to reach them.