Dean Pepall


Dean Pepall is married to Janette. They have 6 adult children, including 5 international adoptees, and 7 grandchildren. Since the 1970s Dean has been a child rights advocate, working with a range of people, groups and governments across the globe.

Dean’s passion is to make a difference in the lives of children by educating and supporting those who work with the most vulnerable, children at risk. He shares, “We have been involved with Entrust for over ten years. It is a privilege to be an Entrust Ambassador, to be involved in several of their projects, and to see firsthand how their timely and practical support to the less fortunate is making an impact on thousands of lives.”


Michael North


Michael’s friendship with Mission Enterprise personnel goes back 40 years, and, in 2010 Entrust agreed to serve displaced people in remote areas of Myanmar with Michael. Entrust visited the area and recognised the needs. An association developed in which Michael was appointed an Ambassador. Michael’s skills were honed in administering professional associations as well as churches and denominations.  Michael has also worked as a pastor and brings these skills and his passion for the people of Myanmar to his role as Ambassador.  He is married to Terry, has three sons and 10 grandchildren, some of who share his mission interests.

John Huiswaard


Originally a New Zealander, John moved to Melbourne in his 20s. John is passionate about teamwork and having fun, and brings both these qualities to Entrust in his role as Ambassador. He also freely shares his skills as a Graphic Designer. John is also heavily involved in resettlement activities with Karen Refugees through Croydon Hills Baptist, and this passion is another reason for his involvement with Entrust; John knows the suffering of those living in less developed nations.

John is married to Jenny and has two daughters. In John’s spare time he likes to stay fit through swimming and running and has conquered Tough Mudder and the Lorne Pier to Pub.

Bruce McDougall


Bruce is married to Jenny.  They live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with their two daughters.

Bruce has had a varied business background in both telecommunications and the building industry and currently owns and operates his own commercial coatings business specialising in industrial coatings.

He has developed a long-standing relationship with “The Entrust Foundation” and developed a unique Co-Partner programme with his client base and Entrust to further the cause of the impoverished “Dalit Peoples” of India.

Over recent years along with his wife and children they have been deeply committed to the ethnic “Karen Burmese” refugee community on the Thai Burma Border and in Australia and also medical support into Indonesia.


Julie Hays


Julie works with Entrust in Administrative Support and also helps Richard Beaumont (CEO) as his Personal Assistant.

She joined Entrust in 2012 to relieve Richard of his growing administrative duties and now is supporting a small team – enabling them to source and fund strategic projects.

Prior to Entrust Julie worked in the private sector and with local & state government, in a customer service, administrative and executive assistant capacity.

She has a passion for hospitality, helping people in need overseas and serving in her local community.

Outside of work Julie enjoys spending quality time with friends, family, her husband John and two young children.


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    Wells, filters and hygiene training will stop children dying, increase productivity and strengthen vulnerable communities. It is a basic right that every person should have easy access to clean, safe water.


    58 million children cannot get to primary school. 781 million adults are illiterate and oppressed and manipulated as a result. Education empowers people, builds dignity and enables them to become self-sufficient.


    No human should be treated as a commodity to be bought and sold. At Entrust we are working to prevent trafficking and to restore dignity and livelihoods to those rescued from trafficking.
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    Entrust works in economically AND environmentally fragile countries. When disaster hits, we seek to immediately assist our partners in providing the basics of life to their communities, while waiting for international assistance to reach them.
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    Nearly half the world lives on less than $2.50 per day. When we empower the poor with a small business loan, or some training in agriculture or practical vocational skills, we give them the freedom to choose their own destiny. We actually restore their dignity.

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Entrust is able to ensure 100% of all donations are used for the project or cause selected. We are able to do this because of the generosity and foresight of Eugene Veith and the capital he left invested. Along with some Corporate sponsorship, this covers the cost of all our administration and project selection. Entrust exists to support our implementing partners and we receive no financial benefit from our activities. (Just the satisfaction of knowing we have made a difference!!)