Entrust Impact Fund – 2024

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$120,000 $300,000
Project Code: AUS-ENT-EIF-P24


Entrust Foundation exists to identify high-quality international projects that help the world’s poorest people, in some of the neediest nations on earth. We offer these projects to generous donors who wish to help guaranteeing that 100% of all donor funds gets to the projects they select. Income earned from Entrust founder’s Legacy helps cover only some of our operating expenses. Post Covid, the combination of reduced investment returns and quickly rising expenses has brought about a funding gap. I.T. infrastructure development, high inflation and increased travel costs and more staff, has culminated in a $300k shortfall.


We long to be sustainable long-term, and we now facilitate 70+ projects in 13 countries. Funds given to support the Entrust Impact Fund will go directly to help support our organisation’s overhead costs, so we can continue to impact tens of thousands of people every year and still guarantee 100% gets there. This has been what we have delivered for 15 years! We love this model and want to continue to offer this ‘no cost’ partnership to maximise every dollar donated.  Your donation to Entrust Impact Fund will bring continued growth and better serve our donors and partners – long-term.

BUDGET       $300,000 in 2023/24 financial year

Running an international organisation engaged in some of most difficult places on earth, cannot be done well without incurring expenses! We have almost completed our new IT infrastructure upgrade and a new web site to keep us effective and efficient. We face increasing Government regulation, reporting, audit, and accounting compliance. Our regular visits to support our overseas partners, comes at an increased cost.

TAX DEDUCTIBLE     Your donation is tax deductible. 100% gets there.


This year we are appointing a new CEO and employing another Project Manager. This will enable us to continue to grow – so we can directly help more people. Funds given to the Entrust Impact Fund will help cover our overheads, enable us to identify and manage more projects, and impact more of the neediest people in the world.


  • Lives are being changed daily through each of the 70+ projects we manage.
  • We undertake due diligence on many new projects ensuring they are a safe investment for our donors, that will have a direct impact on marginalised people.
  • We regularly visit project partners, mentor, advise, encourage and follow-up, to ensure accurate reporting and changed lives.
  • This will enable 2 more part-time staff to meet the growing demand.

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