Hope that Transforms – Year 1

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$10,500 $330,000
Project Code: PHL-ICM-HTT-P01


Entrust is supporting our partner’s Transform program, which aims to build capacity for sustained progress out of poverty – to deliver the right support, the right training, and the right resources to enable people living in extreme poverty to pull themselves out of it. Transform is a holistic four-month capacity-building program focusing on four essential components for growing HOPE that propels lasting life-change: Heart (fostering positive values and strong relationships), Opportunity (empowering sustainable livelihoods and savings), Physical (building health and well-being) and Education (launching confident young learners).

Why support this:

Transform is our partner’s core strategy for igniting hope that propels change. They work with local communities to invite the poorest families in the area to join a Transform group. Together, this community of around 30 participants, mostly women, goes through 15 weeks of training in HOPE – Heart (values), Opportunity (livelihood), Physical (health) and Education (early childhood development).


$330,000 per year for a 3-year project.

The Need:

The Philippines is home to more than 101 million people. Despite economic growth in recent years, 22 million Filipinos live below the national poverty line. Farthest below that line, in the most severe form of poverty, are seven million people living in ultrapoverty where their survival is at risk. ICM focuses on helping families who live in ultrapoverty, those who live on less than US$0.50 per person per day. From ICM’s program experience, the ultrapoor face a multitude of heartbreaking challenges:

  • Average daily income is US$0.28
  • 32% of mothers have had a child die
  • 10% are seriously ill at any time
  • 26% defecate outside
  • 22% go to bed hungry at least once per week
  • 61% live in cramped homes
  • 31% live with scrap roofs
  • 32% live with dirt floors.

Expected Life Change:

  • Increased social safety nets providing stability and preventing people falling through the cracks into deeper poverty

  • Improved financial independence and savings capacity leading to better living conditions and reduction in illnesses

  • Children given a better foundational education, learning basic literacy and numeracy leading to future education opportunities

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